Frequently asked questions

 Is your Honey Spirit Sweet?

No, during fermentation all the sugars in the honey are consumed by the yeast to produce the spirit. 

Can I taste Honey in the alcohol?

When you smell this product, you will smell the honey we used to create it, then when you drink it your palate will fill with the flavours and aromas of the honey we used! 

How should I drink the Honey Spirit?

  • Try It Neat

    We believe the best way to explore our Honey Spirit is to drink it neat. Drinking It neat, with no ice, without mixing, allows our Honey Spirit to really show itself off!
  • On The Rocks

    With the cold temperature and gradually increasing amounts of water, it allows the Honey Spirit to breathe and relax itself, relaxing the intensity of the pure spirit.
  • Cocktails

    Our Honey Spirit can be used in any cocktail you might fancy in place of the spirit it normally calls for. We suggest it as a great substitute for any Vodka, Tequila and even some Gins!

Is the honey you use local?

All our honey used is sourced directly from our Australian Beekeepers!