Jance Honey Tonica

Jance Honey Tonica

Jance Honey Tonica is inspired by Spanish Gin Tonica recipes which carefully pair specific flavour profiles of Gin with Tonic and botanical garnishes, served with large pieces of ice in a balloon like Copa de Balon or Red Wine glass. The Honey Tonica takes a queue from Peruvian Pisco and Tonic where the Gin Tonica template is applied to Peruvian Pisco Brandy. Here Jance Honey Spirit is paired with a salty umami tonic with citrus and coastal herbs including salt bush, garnished with fresh lemon wheels, thyme, and bee pollen.


1 ½ -2 oz. Jance Honey Spirit
3-4 oz. Coastal Tonic, Strangelove, chilled, to serve
Ice, 2-3 large pieces, to serve

Garnish: lemon wheels, fresh thyme sprigs, bee pollen


Add Jance Honey Spirit to a Copa de Balon glass with 2-3 pieces of large ice. Top with chilled Coastal Tonic. Garnish using long handled tweezers and bar spoon with lemon wheels, fresh thyme sprigs and a sprinkling of bee pollen.


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